One of the best sperm adventures of your life!

Have fun guiding a super powered sperm trough this adventure!

Destroy STD virus, kill the competition and get their DNA, get Viagra power-ups to launch you in a invulnerability hyper speed and fight epic battles (or maybe not) against STD bosses.

All this fun in one adventure which your major goal is to born!!

PC - Alpha Version Features

- 3 Characters (Spermatos, Spermy Potter and Heisensperm)

- 3 Powers (Sperm Spit, Ice and Fire)

- 1 Power-up (Viagra)

- High-score of the best player only

- Open Game Art music (Szymon Matuszewski)

- Only one STD Boss

PC - Final Version (TODO)

- A lot more than 3 characters

- A lot more than 3 powers

- A lot more power-ups

- Online World, Country, City, Friends/ Co-workers rankings

- Sexy and hot 70's porn music

- 5 STD Bosses

Only the best player will appear in the high-score table. It will be you???






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